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Rape Crisis (Wycombe, Chiltern & South Bucks) are delighted to announce the launch of a new book which has been written and created by some of the brave and amazing women who have been using our services.


The book is called Beautifully Brave and is a wonderful, interesting and moving collection of Poetry, Prose and Art.

The book contains a selection of poems, a short story, and a variety of different drawings, sketches and creative works, which together provide an insight into the feelings, thoughts and recovery process of being a survivor of sexual violence. 

It is a a valuable resource for anyone, whether you are a survivor - knowing there are other women who understand, or whether you are a member of a family or friend of a survivor - it will give you a deeper and sensitive understanding of just what your loved one may be experiencing, or perhaps you are a professional working with survivors - it will help you to understand why, how and just how difficult a survivors journey of recovery could be.

£6.00 per book (£2 p&p/uk)                                                      Poetry Book - Beautifully Brave

Please use the contact form on this website to tell us if you are interested in purchasing this book and we will contact you.

All funds raised will go towards funding Phoenix - our self help/support group.

(Ability to purchase on-line hopefully coming soon!)

  • Full Testimonial:
    $1Thank you especially for today..it was a milestone I've longed for but dreaded and you walked with me up and until then clearing out the debris on the way and today you sat with me in the room as i opened the box..I appreciate you and I am grateful that you are in my life..
    $1You'd be happy to know that by the time I'd walked home, there was a window and shelves hanging off it on the outside, I put the box there and by the time I was home, it already had wallpaper, curtains, a cosy sofa and a beautiful rug..I think I was in the box too for 19 months and I feel as I have the power again..I feel..and on the way back home I strolled slowly taking in everything..
    $1Thank you again
    $1A big massive hug
    $1Here's to a bright future which has already begun...

    Here's to a bright future which has already begun...

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