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We welcome women interested in volunteering who can offer us support, e.g. Fund-Raising, Office Work, Support Work & Telephone Support ... and many other jobs! We hold training courses for potential volunteers at various times during the year. We are a friendly and supportive organisation. If you would like to join us please contact us for dates and further information.

You might also be interested in joining our management committee.

General Information about being a RC Management Committee Member    

  • Rape Crisis (RC) is a registered charity and a charitable trust, which means all Management Committee members are automatically Trustees.  
  • Management Committee members are bound by the Constitution (copy available in “New Members Pack” or on request).  
  • There are spaces for 4-8 women on the Management Committee and women interested are co-opted for an initial period before becoming eligible for full membership.   
  • Meetings are held approximately every 2 months in High Wycombe and last for 2 hours.   
  • Management Committee members need to be available on an ad-hoc basis for additional telephone calls and other work, eg telephone queries, support for paid staff, sub groups etc. However, we recognise that everyone’s lives are busy and that women can give more or less time depending on what else is happening in their lives at a particular time.  
  • Management Committee Members will help Rape Crisis achieve its aims through their expertise and/or commitment.  
  • The Management Committee does have a formal structure, ie Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, however we work co-operatively within a women-centred environment.  
  • All out of pocket expenses are reclaimable, this includes dependent care.  
  • Staff are entrusted with the day-to-day running of Rape Crisis.  
  • There are currently 7 part-time paid workers; Director, Support Services Co-ordinator, Administrator, Asian Outreach Worker, Youth Outreach Worker, Sessional Worker and Finance Worker.  
  • Previously funding was through the Community Fund (formerly known as the National Lotteries Charity Board) and the 3 district councils (Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks) until 2006. Now we applying for funding from the 3 district councils, various trusts and organisations.  
  • Everyone involved in Rape Crisis is required to adhere to our Equal Opportunities policy and Confidentiality policy at all times (copies available in “New Members Pack” or on request).    


External Training Flyer

Thames Valley PCC

  • Full Testimonial:
    $1Thank you especially for today..it was a milestone I've longed for but dreaded and you walked with me up and until then clearing out the debris on the way and today you sat with me in the room as i opened the box..I appreciate you and I am grateful that you are in my life..
    $1You'd be happy to know that by the time I'd walked home, there was a window and shelves hanging off it on the outside, I put the box there and by the time I was home, it already had wallpaper, curtains, a cosy sofa and a beautiful rug..I think I was in the box too for 19 months and I feel as I have the power again..I feel..and on the way back home I strolled slowly taking in everything..
    $1Thank you again
    $1A big massive hug
    $1Here's to a bright future which has already begun...

    Here's to a bright future which has already begun...

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