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    Our Helpline number is 01494 462222

Please call us if you need support or want to cancel or make an appointment.

Our helpline is available 24hr/365 days a year  and has an answer machine service which is checked every day.  

If you leave a message on the answering machine we will ring you back as soon as possible and within 24 hours. We check for messages regularly throughout the day and during weekends/holidays we will check at least once a day.
                  (Our telephone number cannot be obtained by dialling 1471, but it will appear on itemised telephone accounts)


     PO BOX 1448



    HP11 9GW




There is a technical issue with our contact form at the moment, so please contact us via our email address above.

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  • Full Testimonial:
    $1Thank you especially for today..it was a milestone I've longed for but dreaded and you walked with me up and until then clearing out the debris on the way and today you sat with me in the room as i opened the box..I appreciate you and I am grateful that you are in my life..
    $1You'd be happy to know that by the time I'd walked home, there was a window and shelves hanging off it on the outside, I put the box there and by the time I was home, it already had wallpaper, curtains, a cosy sofa and a beautiful rug..I think I was in the box too for 19 months and I feel as I have the power again..I feel..and on the way back home I strolled slowly taking in everything..
    $1Thank you again
    $1A big massive hug
    $1Here's to a bright future which has already begun...

    Here's to a bright future which has already begun...

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